Sawalef Private Set

AED 790

The Sawalef Private Collection is a select curation of our highly prized fragrances, Bakhoors, and Oud Muattars. Presented in a stunning custom-made luxury case, the Private Collection is the ultimate in splendor.
Inside you’ll discover four travel-sized fragrances of 15ml each. They will include Lamset Oud, Romance, Anaqa and Memories. The two Bakhoors will be Bakhoor Hind and Bakhoor Ramsa.

Finally, from our élite collection of hand-picked Oud Muattars, you’ll find Muattar Al Mulook and Muattar Al Mohra. In the set you’ll also find a lighter, a burner and tongs, making this an enviable collection of Sawalef luxury perfumes and home fragrance.


Box Design: White leather box with saffron velvet fabric inside it.

Logo Printing: Sawalef logo printed in copper color foiling on both side of the box cover.

Box Content:

Two types of Bakhoor “Ramsa & Hind” are available in 60 grm in each type and fill in small black jars.

Two types of Oud Muattar “Al Mohra & Al Mulook” are available in 45 grm in each type, filled in small black jars.

Four types of EDPs from Sawalef bestsellers “Anaqa, Memories, Lamset Oud & Romance” each is available is 15ml size filled in transparent bottles.

Sawalef branded Mabkhara in black color with engraved logo in front.

Torch lighter in black color.

Sawalef branded tong.


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