Oud Maktum

AED 100

Oud Maktum is a is a unisex body lotion designed to complement the matching Oud Maktum eau de parfum spray. Layering fragrance gives it an extra longevity and the scent unveils itself in gentle folds throughout the day, leaving your skin beautifully perfumed.  Halim is the fragrance of dreams in a still and silent moment.  This is a scent that takes you to a calmer place as the day unfolds around you.

Oud Maktum opens with the aroma of sought-after Cambodian Oud. Deep and golden, this most prized agarwood tells you that this is a very special scent journey. At the heart of the fragrance, Indian oud merges with Cambodian oud, making for a robust and memorable accord.  The base is a rich, long lasting agarwood skin scent, showcasing these precious ouds in all their glory.

The Oud Maktum body lotion is available in a 50ml pump dispenser bottle in luxurious black and gold.

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