The Exclusive Collections “3”

AED 525


This set price is 525 AED including VAT%, but we mention 175 AED because you can’t get it without buying the perfume that costs 350 AED.

To purchase this set, follow the below steps:
1. Add the set to the cart
2. Press on “Customize Gift Set” and it will take you to another page to choose your favorite perfume then add it to the cart, and in case of billing “checkout” you will find the total purchase is 525 AED including VAT%

Sawalef offers our customers the opportunity to select their own favorites from our range of unrivaled fragrances and include it in our own custom-made presentation set.

The box contains one small size jar of Bakhoor Ramsa and one small jar of Muattar Al Mohra with a customize perfume from your choice of our Eau de parfum range and we package them into our stylish black presentation boxes with our signature rose gold embellishments.


Unit Box: Black color rigid box with soft touch special paper, front side brand name, logo and concentrated perfume in gold color, back side will be label.

Label: Pasted on the back side of shell in High quality black soft touch label with product name and text in rose gold foil color.

Box Wrapping: Covered by Transparent Sleeve

10 in stock (can be backordered)


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