What Does It Mean To Give A Perfume As A Gift

It’s a very personal gift according to me. And if you know the person, it’s an absolute jackpot. You can give them their favorite scent and it would always remind them of you when they apply it. A fragrance can create unspeakable memories.

Given by a member of the opposite sex usually is a romantic gesture. By a family member; they may be stocking you up because that is your fragrance. Giving a gift of fragrance can mean: I like this scent and I’d love to enjoy you wearing it for me. A gift of fragrance can also mean I want to pamper you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you smell bad.

This would entirely depend on the age or generation and genders of the persons both giving and receiving the gift! Perhaps a card along with the gift can express the intention and clarify any confusion. Friends and family members do give such gifts and likely would mean anything unless therre were an old joke about smelling funny! (Grin)